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Jake (Adventure Time)

A funny bulldog

Although the very particular style of this cartoon doesn’t make it so obvious, Jake is indeed a bulldog. His simple orange body shape and his feet are not really those of a dog. Funko has of course represented his little bulldog ears but especially his long arms stretched thanks to his powers. Finally, on the face, we can recognize her crushed bulldog muzzle and her big white eyes surrounded by black.


The magic dog

Jake is one of the main characters of the Adventure Time animated series. This post-apocalyptic, magical series takes place on the planet Earth, now called Ooo after a nuclear war. Jake is the adopted brother of Finn, the hero of the series and he is also a magical dog. Not only does he talk, but he can also extend his limbs as much as he wants and change his size at will. He can use his abilities to fight or to help Finn in his adventures but most of the time he uses them to have fun.


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