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First Order Jet Trooper (Star Wars)

Soldiers of the empire

Like all stormtroopers, jet troopers wear a thick white armor revealing only a part of their black clothes underneath. He also wears thick boots as part of his outfit as well as arm and shoulder protectors. It is mainly the helmet that differentiates this jet trooper from the classic stormtrooper. It splits in two at the bottom and we can see some kind of pipes allowing him to breathe. Finally he holds a kind of rifle in his hands.


Stormtroopers in the air

The First Order Jet Troopers are a variant of the famous stormtroopers from the Star Wars movies. The First Order Jet Troopers are seen in the third Star Wars trilogy, which takes place thirty years after the original trilogy, when the Galactic Empire was reformed and is now called The First Order. Stormtroopers are the soldiers of the empire and jet troopers have the particularity of being specially trained to fight in the air where ordinary stormtroopers are rather trained on Earth.


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