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Fishstick (Fortnite)

A fish out of water

As its name suggests, Fishstick is a skin representing a small anthropomorphic goldfish with its fins forming arms and legs. He wears a turquoise blue suit with a brown belt. His head is that of a fish with big black eyes and thick lips. Finally, he wears a Vietnamese-inspired beige and brown helmet with big seams on top.


A funny look

Fishstick is a cosmetic item available in the online video game Fortnite Battle Royale. It’s not a full skin, just a costume that the player was given during season 8 of the game and was customizable with the pirate look (which was the theme of season 8). With season 9 came a world cup look and finally, Fishstick became the Triggerfish skin, representing the same orange fish with a Vietnam war soldier style outfit.


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