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Fix-it Felix (Ralph Breaks The Internet)

The Fix-It Felix is portrayed with his workman’s outfit and that very 8 bit retro game look. He wears blue jeans, a matching shirt with his name on it and a tool belt. He also wears construction shoes and leather gloves. On the head, he has a big red nose, red hair and a blue cap. He also holds his famous golden hammer in his right hand.


A new friendship

Fix-it Felix is a character from the Disney cartoon Ralph Breaks The Internet, from Disney Studios. It follows the first opus named Wreck It Ralph. In this first movie, Ralph was the villain of a retro video game that always broke everything in the city. The player controlling Felix had to repair the damage caused by him. But tired of always being seen as the bad guy, he decided to go into other games and ended up helping the young Vanellope save her world, Sugar Rush. In the second movie, a modification made to this world breaks the arcade terminal and causes the owner of the arcade to cut the power. Fix-It Felix, who has since become friends with Ralph, convinces him to try to go on the internet to find a replacement part for the terminal on ebay.


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