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Frieza Hoverchair (Dragon Ball Z)

A flying chair

Frieza is represented here in his hover chair (or hoverpod according to the versions). It is a kind of small floating capsule allowing him to move everywhere and that he prefers despite his ability to fly. This one is black and brown with an egg shape. Otherwise we can see his pink and purple skin with his long tail sticking out behind and he wears his strange armor. This one is purple and brown with large white edges and on his head, he wears a purple and white helmet with horns on the sides.


The biggest enemy

Frieza is one of the most important antagonists of the anime series and the manga Dragon Ball Z. Frieza is an alien and although he only appears in the second part of the manga, when Goku learns that he is an alien, he is the one who motivated Goku’s parents to send him to Earth. He is the undisputed leader of the universe 7. He has his own army and his cruelty makes him a leader feared by all. He will face Goku several times, notably on Namek and then in the tournament of power when he replaced Good Buu in the Universe 7 team.


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