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Super Saiyan Kale (Dragon Ball Super)

A powerful warrior

Kale is represented here in super saiyan version. She wears a short top and a little red skirt with a black corsair underneath. She wears gold and red boots and big gold bracelets. Her musculature is more developed in this form and she is in combat posture. At the head level, we find her hair usually black, here yellow and raised above her head.


A character who hides a great power

Kale is a character from the Dragon Ball Z universe, the famous manga and anime series. We discover her more particularly in the last part of this famous series which is called Dragon Ball Super. Like Goku, she is a saiyan warrior and she comes from the universe six. She is Caulifla’s best friend and in spite of a shy and fragile character, she becomes a ruthless warrior when she transforms into a saiyan and it also seems that she hides a particularly powerful power which has not been revealed yet.


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