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Vegeta Cooking (Dragon Ball Super)

A warrior cook

Vegeta is represented here during this famous scene where he tries to cook for Whis to prove that he can be better than Bulma. But he is too strong and breaks all the eggs next to the bowl. One of them even gives birth to a chick. Vegeta is wearing his usual blue warrior outfit with white boots with yellow tips. But, over that, he wears a pink apron. Eggs are popping out of his apron and into his spiky black hair and he has an angry look on his face. In his hand, he holds an egg in which the little yellow chick has just hatched.


An enemy turned friend

Vegeta is one of the important characters of the manga and the anime Dragon Ball. He appears at the beginning of the second part of the anime (Dragon Ball Z) when Goku is an adult and he learns that he is in fact one of the last survivors of a race of alien warriors, the Saiyans, and that he is much more than a child gifted in martial arts. Vegeta is at first one of his enemies. He is also a saiyan who works under the orders of Freezer who aims to conquer as many planets as possible. But after an umpteenth fight against Freezer and while he thinks he is finally rid of him, he finds himself on Earth and Bulma, Goku’s best friend, decides to take care of him. If he is reluctant at the beginning, he will eventually fall in love with her, marry her and finally join Goku’s group. Vegeta will get used to life on Earth but he will remain a competitor and a warrior even when it comes to cooking


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