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Super Saiyan Caulifla (Dragon Ball Super)

A transformation

Caulifla is represented here in the Super Saiyan version, that is to say when she concentrates her power during the fights. She wears as always her purple pants and a pink top with a headband. At the head level, we find her spiky hair turned yellow by her transformation into a Saiyan and her eyes turned green. Finally, she is represented in a fighting posture.


A Saiyan Robin Hood

Caulifla is a character of the anime and the manga Dragon Ball that we discover in the last part of the saga Dragon Ball Super. She is a Saiyan of the universe 6 that we discovered for the first time during the tournament of the power of Zen ?. In the world where she comes from, she is the leader of a group of Saiyan women who attack the troops of King Sadela in order to redistribute his wealth to the poorest. She is also very close to the character of Kale who she taught to transform into a Saiyan.


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