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Frosch (Fairy Tail)

An adorable creature

As you can see in the manga, Frosch is an exceed with green fur and small pink cheeks. He always stands on his hind legs, which distinguishes him from an ordinary cat (besides his ability to talk or his magic). He wears a pink frog costume with big black eyes that only uncovers his face, just like in the cartoon. He is shown with a big smile, his tail raised and his arms wide open as if asking for a hug.


A faithful companion

Frosch is a magical cat of the exceed race, like the famous Happy, in the Fairy Tail manga. Like all the other characters of this manga, he belongs to a magic guild, in his case the Saber Tooth guild. He is Rog Chenny’s faithful companion. Even if he sometimes gives the impression to be a bit stupid and to ask obvious questions, he is still very bright and he is above all a faithful companion ready to do anything for his friend and who will always be with him to fight. He is also very close to Lecter, another exceed with whom he always agrees.


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