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Gajeel (Fairy Tail)

A true metalhead

Funko has depicted him in motion using his powers for this classic version of the character. He wears white pants with black boots and a long blue sleeveless tunic. He is also wearing gloves that match his boots. On the edges of his boots, gloves and tunic, we can see silver borders with small spikes that remind us of his origin. His metallic implants are also found above his eyes, on his nose and on his earlobes. Finally, we can see the funny shape of her black hair in spikes.


Reinforcement from the future

Gajeel is an important character from the manga and the anime series Fairy Tail and a member of the Fairy Tail Mage Guild. He was a member of the Phantom Lord guild for a while and then a member of the mages’ council when Fairy Tail was disbanded, but he returned to the guild when it was re-formed. Gajeel is originally an iron dragon hunter born over four hundred years ago but was sent into the future to fight the dragon Acnologia, an ancient dragon hunter turned into a dragon by the evil mage Zeref. Gajeel may seem cold and ruthless at first, but he is entirely dedicated to his guild and that makes him a strong ally.


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