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Happy flocked (Fairy Tail)

Happy in soft version

This figure of Happy is identical to the first one already released for this character except that it is here in a flocked version, that is to say covered with a kind of soft velvet texture. We can recognize Happy’s blue coat with her big white wings as well as her little white spots on her cheeks and the biggest one on her belly. Only his green scarf around his neck and the fish in his hands are not reproduced in this soft flocked material.


A funny creature

Happy is one of the main characters of the manga Fairy Tail as well as the animated series based on it. Happy lives in the kingdom of Fiore, a magical world where magicians are grouped into guilds. Happy, an Exceed cat who can fly, speak and practice magic, is part of the Fairy Tail guild with, among others, his best friend Natsu and the Exceed cat Carla, with whom he is in love. Happy is particularly fond of fish, of which he always has a supply in his bag.


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