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Future Trunks (Dragon Ball Z)

The blue-haired child

In the series, in the future Trunks has blue hair and that’s how Funko has represented him. He wears black pants with gray/green military-looking boots and a blue shirt and red bandana. His clothes are all a bit battered, implying that life is hard in the future where Trunks comes from. Finally, he is shown in an action pose” with one knee down, both fists clenched and a determined expression on his face.


The child from the future

Future is the child that Bulma ends up having with Vegeta after this one became nice and joined Son Goku’s side in the Dragon Ball Z animated series. He has the characteristic to exist in two versions in the series. Indeed, we first meet him as a young child but there is also another version of him who comes from the Future to warn Goku and the others of a catastrophe that could destroy the planet. He arrives just in time to prevent Goku from catching a disease that would have killed him, which will then allow him to prevent the creation of artificial humans who will take control in the version of the future that this Trunk knows.


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