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Ghostbuster Will (Stranger Things)

Will, the ghost hunter

The season two taking place around Halloween, Will and his three friends decide of a common costume and year 84 obliges, they decide all to disguise themselves in characters of Ghostbusters. Will is thus represented with the famous beige suit decorated with the Ghostbuster logo on the right shoulder as well as the label with the name of the character he plays Spengler. He also wears black and white sneakers very typical of the time. On his back, he wears the famous proton pack and in his left hand, he holds his Halloween candy bag. Finally, at the level of the head, we find this famous bowl cut so characteristic.


Will on the surface

Will is the central character of the fantasy series Stranger Things set in the early 80s. Although he is one of the most present on the screen in the first season, he is the one by whom the whole story starts. At the beginning of the story, he is abducted by a mysterious creature taking him to a sort of parallel world after the young Eleven, on whom a scientist was experimenting on her brain’s abilities, opened the passage between the two worlds. In season two, Will was saved and got on with his life. But a year after his trauma, he continues to have regular visions of the Upside Down. The doctors are convinced that they are only symptoms of post-traumatic stress but we will quickly realize that it is more complicated than that.


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