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Ghoul Trooper (Fortnite)

A bad look

This skin depicts a female soldier dressed quite similar to other classic soldier skins but with the difference that this one is a zombie. She wears military pants in shades of gray with big brown boots. She also wears a brown tank top and various armors around her thighs, arms or wrists. Finally, her skin is completely green and her yellow eyes are surrounded by a not very healthy brown color. Finally, she has short white hair matching her eyebrows.


A terrifying skin

The Ghoul Trooper is an epic rarity skin in the online video game Fortnite Battle Royale. This is because in this game, players cannot customize their avatar from the start but can get various skins as they advance or gain experience. This skin depicting a female zombie soldier was available on the game’s store in October and November 2017 for Halloween. She reappeared for a while for Halloween 2019.


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