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P.A.N.D.A Team Leader (Fortnite)

In black and white

The P.A.N.D.A Team Leader is therefore as its name suggests a panda costume. It’s a female skin wearing a soft black suit with black boots and a white torso. She also wears a big panda head completely covering her head. This one has big eyes, a smiling mouth and a heart-shaped nose.


An adorable leader

The P.A.N.D.A Team Leader is one of the many skins that players can buy in the video game Fortnite Battle Royale in order to customize the appearance of their avatar which is initially the same for everyone. The PANDA Team Leader is an epic skin that can be found on the store at certain times of the year. It has the same base as the Cuddle Team Leader available at Valentine’s Day, and is not part of a set. You can just find the legendary back bling Bamboo to complete the look of the character.


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