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Loot Llama glows in the dark (Fortnite)

A llama in the night

For this new exclusive version of this loot llama, Funko decided to represent him in a glows in the dark version. That is to say that his white eyes shine in the dark. His body is therefore that of a pinata with very simple blue legs and a body made of several layers of paper. He still wears a kind of harness around his head. Around his chest, he also wears a kind of saddle on which a small chest is drawn.


A much sought-after item

The llama loot is not a character per se but a much sought-after item in the online video game Fortnite Battle Royale. Indeed, in this game, players compete in groups of 100 where they are dropped on an island and must survive. The goal is to be the last one alive among the players but also to survive against the hordes of zombies. The loot llama is an object that can be found once or twice per game and looks like a kind of pinata. The player has to tap on it with a weapon and the object will release more or less useful or rare loot, clothes, weapons or just food.


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