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Giddy Up (Fortnite)

A mount of choice

Spitfire is a soldier wearing a military outfit, green tank top, big boots, gloves and muscular physique. On the head, we find his brown skin and his black hair. Finally, he is riding a pink inflatable llama with blue feet that looks like the famous lama loot that players can sometimes find in the game.


A fun contrast

Giddy Up is one of the many cosmetic items available on the Fortnite Battle Royale video game store. However, it is one of the epic items, which means that they are not always available and quite rare. This costume is based on the appearance of the basic character Spitfire, a soldier who was one of the playable characters on previous installments of the game. And he is shown riding a pink inflatable llama. The female equivalent of this costume is Yee-Haw.


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