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Goku black (Dragon Ball Z)

An evil Goku

Funko has depicted him in a fighting stance holding a purple ball for this Goku Black figure. He is wearing a gray tunic with black pants and white boots, which is very much in the spirit of the character. Finally, on the head, we can see Goku’s face and hair but with a bad expression which reminds us that it is not Goku but Zamasu. Finally, we also notice that he is wearing a small golden earring with a green stone.


The usurper

Goku Black is in fact not Goku at all but a usurper named Zamasu who takes his appearance in the future. He is the main antagonist of Trunks (Bulma’s son) in the future. Indeed, this one took the appearance of Goku and came on the Earth to destroy him. We learn all this when Trunks travels in time and arrives in the present to warn Goku and the others of what is going to happen and help them to prevent these events. He is called this simply to differentiate him from Goku and of course because he is dressed almost entirely in black.


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