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Gray Fullbuster (Fairy Tail)

The shirtless mage

In the series, Gray tends to walk around partly naked and is therefore logically represented shirtless on this figure. He wears green pants with a chain attached to the belt and big black shoes. He wears a big cross pendant around his neck and the guild emblem on his chest. In his hands he holds a weapon of ice and at the level of the head, we recognize especially this so particular haircut and the blue color very close to those of Wendy.


The Ice Mage

Gray Fullbuster is an important character in the manga and anime Fairy Tail. In the kingdom of Fiore, mages are grouped in guilds in order to offer their services more easily and Gray is part of the Fairy Tail guild. He was the first of his current comrades to join. Gray is an ice mage and has a slight tendency to exhibitionism. He has a very competitive relationship with Natsu and initially has a hard time getting along with Erza.


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