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Gus Fring dead (Breaking Bad)

Distinguished, even in death

At the end of season 4, Gustavo is trapped and dies in an explosion. But when the bomb explodes, he still has time to get out of the room, terribly disfigured, then readjust his tie before collapsing. So this is how he is represented. He is wearing the same blue suit as on the other figure, his hand readjusting his tie. But this time, half of his face is burned and bloody and his other eye is already half closed.


The end of the big boss

Gustavo Fring is an important character of the series Breaking Bad. When the hero of the series, Walter White uses his knowledge of chemistry to start producing methamphetamine, he will have to deal with the big boss of the area, Gustavo Fring. Appreciating Walter’s work, he will quickly trust him for his own production.


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