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Saul Goodman (Breaking Bad)

The lawyer with the unique style

Saul Goodman is a lawyer with a very unusual look, which is well reflected on this figure. Indeed, we find this famous combination of a dark suit with a shirt and a tie in the always gaudy colors, here pink and blue. As always, he wears a clutch matching his shirt. His face is quite classic but Funko did not forget the earpiece that he almost never leaves.


Saul Goodman, the corrupt lawyer

Saul Goodman is a character from the cult TV series Breaking Bad, which tells the story of a chemistry professor, Walter White, who starts making methamphetamine to keep his family financially secure, when he learns that he has terminal cancer. Saul is a crooked lawyer who will help Walter get one of his drug dealers out of jail, then will join him in drug distribution and money laundering.


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