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Walter White green hazmat suit (Breaking Bad)

In the midst of manufacturing

For this other version of Walter White, Funko decided to depict him wearing his green protective suit that he sometimes wears to manufacture his drug. With that, he also wears his blue gloves and his famous brown moccasins. At the level of the head, we find of course his big glasses and his small beard but also the mask of protection which is on the top of his head at this moment.


Surprising Extracurricular Activity

Walter White is an uneventful chemistry teacher in a small, quiet New Mexico high school until he gets the terrible news that he has terminal cancer. But beyond the news of his impending death, Walter White worries that he will leave his wife with nothing but debt from his hospital bills. He begins to think of a way to make some quick money and finally decides to put his knowledge of chemistry to work by starting to make methamphetamine for a business. He enlists the help of Jesse Pinkman, a former student and notorious meth dealer.


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