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Jesse Pinkman combinaison verte (Breaking Bad)

In full manufacture

This figurine is the equivalent for Jesse Pinkman of the one of Walter White in the same outfit. He is wearing that famous green protective suit that he puts on to make his drugs, along with blue gloves and black and white sneakers. At the level of the head, we find his eyes always a little closed and his small goatee. On the top of his head, he wears a protective mask that he would normally wear in front of his nose and mouth.


A studious student

Jesse Pinkman is Walter White’s young partner in the famous series Breaking Bad. Jesse is one of Walter’s former students who was eventually expelled for his lack of involvement and drug use. Jesse had started making his own methamphetamine before partnering with Walter White, adding a little chili powder to put his personal touch on it. And if Walter White is going to need his help for the manufacture and the sale, he is not going to miss to make him regularly reproaches on his lack of seriousness and implication in this activity as when he was his pupil in the high school.


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