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Jesse Pinkman cook glow in the dark (Breaking Bad)

A chemistry class like no other

For this Hot Topic exclusive figure, Jesse has been depicted wearing the famous yellow jumpsuit that he and Walter wear when they are working on their drug, but this time in a glow in the dark version. With the suit, he still wears his blue gloves and white sneakers with black stripes. Like Walter, he wears his protective mask on his head.


The student to the rescue of his teacher

Jesse Pinkman is the former student of Walter White, hero of the famous series Breaking Bad. Everything is going well for Walter White, a chemistry teacher in a small high school in New Mexico, until he learns that he is suffering from terminal cancer that will leave his wife with a large debt after his death. He decides to call on Jesse, one of his former students, who is well known for his drug use and small-time dealing. Jesse will help him make and sell methamphetamine, which will allow Walter to save a lot of money.


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