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Heisenberg Blue Meth (Breaking Bad)

A psychedelic figurine

This exclusive figurine for the 2015 San Diego Comic Con thus represents Walter White under his appearance of Heisenberg but especially entirely blue as if he was himself made of the substance he manufactures and sells. The figure is made of a slightly translucent blue plastic and in which we can see silver glitter that gives it a shiny side. In terms of shape, we can see that it is an exact replica of the existing figurine, he wears the same clothes as well as a gun in the left hand and a bag of meth in the right hand. Only his sunglasses and hat are shown in black as on the original figure.


Heisenberg becomes the drug

Heisenberg is the pseudonym adopted by Walter White, the main character of the series Breaking Bad. Walter is a high school chemistry teacher who learns one day that he has incurable cancer. In order to leave enough money for his family, he decides to start a methamphetamine manufacturing business in a van in the middle of the New Mexico desert with one of his former students. In order not to get caught, he adopts a new look and a new identity: that of Heisenberg


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