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Jesse Pinkman bloody (Breaking Bad)

A dangerous business

For this SDCC exclusive figure, Funko has decided to represent Jesse Pinkman after he has fought. We can see his usual blue jeans and the black and white sneakers he wears almost all the time. And with that, he wears a yellow jacket and a black hat. His white shirt is stained with blood and many bruises are present on his face, forcing even his left eye to remain completely closed. On his right hand, we can see his tattoo and in the other one he holds a towel.


A surprising association

Jesse Pinkman is the famous small-time drug dealer turned co-manager of a methamphetamine empire in the cult series Breaking Bad. He is Walter White’s former student, a small-time high school chemistry teacher who finds himself producing drugs one day when he learns he has terminal cancer in order to leave enough money for his family after he dies. Jesse was already a user and a small dealer and he will help Walter to set up his business, produce his drugs and find customers for him


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