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Heisenberg (Breaking Bad)

Heisenberg, the gangster with the hat

Walter White is represented here with the look he adopts when he takes the identity of Heisenberg and deals with other people from the drug scene. We find this look more gangster” with beige pants, a grey shirt and his famous leather jacket, but especially his famous hat and his big black glasses. But without leaving his moccasins! He carries a gun in one hand and in the other a bag of methamphetamine.


Walter White’s second identity

Heisenberg is the pseudonym used by Walter White, the main character in the series Breaking Bad”, to produce and sell methamphetamine. A high school chemistry teacher, he learns one day that he has terminal cancer. With the help of his former student, Jesse Pinkman, he will start trafficking to offer a better financial future to his family. To do this, he will adopt a second identity: Heisenberg.


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