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Walter White glow in the dark (Breaking Bad)

A dangerous activity

For this exclusive figurine at the San Diego Comic Con, Walter White is represented with the famous yellow protective suit he uses to make his drug but this time in a glow in the dark” version. We find the famous suit worn with blue gloves and brown moccasins that contrast a little with the whole. At the level of the head, we find his famous big glasses and we can see that he has momentarily put his protection mask on his head.


A teacher turned criminal

Walter White is the hero of the cult series Breaking Bad. A small, uneventful chemistry teacher in a New Mexico high school, he learns one day that he has terminal cancer. Fearing that his hospital bills would leave his family with too much debt, he decides to put his knowledge of chemistry to good use and start making and selling methamphetamine. He will then call upon one of his former students to help him to manufacture his drug but especially to find customers.


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