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Harry Potter en pyjama (Harry Potter)

Harry in his pajamas

Funko has made this new version of Harry with the pajamas he wears in the infirmary when the bone in his arm has to grow back. It’s a classic pajama with pants and a top with buttons, white and blue stripes. His arm is in a white cloth sling and the other one holds it on the other side. Finally, as always, Harry wears his usual round glasses and we recognize well his famous little scar and his brown hair.


Tough day for Harry Potter

In his second year at Hogwarts School, Harry Potter, the most famous bespectacled wizard, is having a rough start to the year. A house elf shows up at his house and drops a cake on his uncle’s client’s head so that Harry will be punished for not returning to Hogwarts. Then, when he arrives at the train station, the passage to platform 9 3/4 closes before he can get there. Finally, during his first quidditch match of the year, a quidditch chases him and he ends up with a broken arm. Professor Lockhart tries to heal it but he only makes the bone disappear instead of fixing it. When Harry is in the infirmary, he is visited again by the elf Dobby. Dobby tells him that he is the cause of all his troubles but that he is doing it to protect him because there are terrible dangers waiting for him this year.


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