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Harry Potter on Broom (Harry Potter)

A dynamic figurine

On this figurine, Harry is represented in the middle of a Quidditch match, most likely the one from the second episode: Chamber of Secrets. He is wearing his regulation Quidditch outfit with beige pants, brown sneakers and matching shin and knee pads. Above, he is wearing a red and gold Gryffindor jersey and a wizard’s robe that is shorter, more securely fastened, and in Gryffindor colors. Harry is standing on a broom, a Nimbus 2000 as we can see written on the handle, and in his right hand, we can see that he has just caught the golden snitch. His face is simple but he wears his usual round glasses and is well recognizable thanks to his famous lightning scar.


Harry during the game

Harry Potter is the hero of one of the most popular literary and cinematographic sagas of the last twenty years. This saga tells the story of a young English orphan living with his wicked aunt who learns on his eleventh birthday that he is a wizard and is therefore accepted at the prestigious Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. Harry will then discover the world of magic, its wonders but also its dangers. When he arrived at the school, he quickly showed impressive skills in broom flying and was recruited as a seeker for the Quidditch team, a sport in which his father had already excelled. Quidditch is the national sport of wizards. It is played while flying on a broom and the goal is to throw a ball through one of the three rings of the opposing camp. During this time the beaters” must prevent the cognards from reaching the other players and the “seeker” must only worry about catching the golden snapper, a tiny golden ball that ends the match and gives 150 points to the team that managed to catch it.


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