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Gilderoy Lockhart costume bleu (Harry Potter)

Elegance First

For this Barnes and Noble exclusive figure, Lockhart has been represented with another of his elegant three-piece suits. This one is dark blue with a matching tie and a blue/silver jacket to great effect. His more cape-like wizard’s robe is blue on the outside and blue/silver-gray on the inside. Lockhart stands here with his fists on his hips in a very proud and exaggerated posture. At the head, we find his blond hair slightly curled and falling artistically on the forehead.


The King of Tricks

Gilderoy Lockhart is one of the new teachers at Hogwarts School in the second Harry Potter book. He is theoretically a very famous wizard having written many books about all his exploits and for this reason, he is hired as a teacher of defense against evil forces. More interested in fame than in teaching magic, he will quickly want to get closer to Harry, seeing in him a way to be on the cover of all the magazines again. But at the beginning of the year, a new danger appears in the school with the return of the heir of Salazar Slytherin who would have the possibility of releasing the monster locked in the room of the secrets in order to throw it on the children not being of pure blood. And when his supposed knowledge could be useful, Lockhart turns out to be as useless as we thought when he tries to flee the school. Harry then learns that none of what he wrote in his books was true and that he merely erased the memories of some wizards to make their exploits his own.


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