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Harry Potter Triwizard Egg (Harry Potter)

Harry and his egg

This new Harry Potter figure is exclusive to GameStop stores. It represents Harry during one of these famous trials of the Goblet of Fire. Harry wears an adapted version of his wizard costume. He wears simple black pants with matching sneakers and the official black and red jersey. Over that, he wears the traditional wizard’s robe but in a shortened version on the bottom and sleeves like the one of his Quidditch outfit. We also find the colors of the house Gryffindor on the collar and on the coat of arms of Hogwarts. At the level of the head, we find as usual his small scar in the shape of lightning and his characteristic small round glasses. We can also notice that as in this movie, his hair is also a little longer than usual. He holds his wizard’s wand in his right hand and finally what characterizes this figurine is the famous golden egg that he manages to steal from a dragon’s guard.


A dangerous competition

Harry Potter is the main character in Harry Potter, the famous series of fantasy books and films for children by J.K Rowling. Since the death of his parents when he was one year old, Harry has lived with his aunt and uncle, who hate him and make him sleep in a closet under the stairs. But on his eleventh birthday, the young boy is shocked to learn that, like his parents before him, he is a wizard. He is admitted to the famous Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry to discover this whole new world. Hagrid, the half-giant sent to teach him the news will also tell him how his parents died protecting him from Voldemort, the most terrible wizard of all time. He is very weakened but not dead and will try to regain his strength to return many times until he succeeds at the end of the fourth episode. In this one, the three great schools of magic (Hogwarts, Beauxbatons and Durmstrang) will compete against each other at Hogwarts for a great sporting competition throughout the year. Although Harry is not normally old enough to participate, his name will come up in the Goblet of Fire and he will be forced to compete alongside his older classmates. In the first challenge, he must retrieve a strange golden egg guarded by a dragon.


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