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Harry Potter Yule Ball (Harry Potter)

As is the tradition, a ball is given in honor of the tournament at Christmas time and Harry is obliged to participate and to dress accordingly and this is how he is represented in this new version of the character. He wears a classic black tuxedo with a jacket and a white bow tie that matches his shirt. On top of that, he wears a more elegant version of his usual black wizard’s robe and elegant patent shoes. On the face, we find his usual round glasses and the famous lightning scar appearing between his hair on his forehead.


Another complicated year for Harry

The fourth school year is still going to be eventful for Harry Potter. Indeed, while he was enjoying the finals of the quidditch world cup with the Weasley family, Death Eaters attacked the camp, proving that Voldemort is again having influence on the wizarding world. And when the students arrive at Hogwarts, they learn that this year the famous Three Wizards’ Tournament will be held there. It will bring together the three best students from the three great European schools of magic: Hogwarts, Beauxbatons and Durmstrang, which explains the presence of all these students from other schools. Harry thought he was in the clear for once, since the competition was limited to students over 17. But when the time comes to reveal the champions of each school revealed by the famous cup of fire, Harry’s name comes up in addition to that of Cedric Diggory, one of the brightest students at Hogwarts. An elegant boy


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