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Harry VS Voldemort (Harry Potter)

The first confrontation

For this superb movie moments, Funko represented the confrontation of Harry and Voldemort in the cemetery while the latter has just been brought back to life. We find the ground of the cemetery and some tombstones as a base. Harry is wearing his Goblet of Fire outfit, a black and red shirt and black pants with red stripes. Voldemort has his shaved head and snake-like face and is wearing a simple black robe. They are both casting a spell and the two form a sort of barrier that oppose each other and prevent them from touching. Voldemort casts an Avada Kedavra, a green death spell, and Harry casts a simple red disarming spell.


A linked destiny

Harry is the hero of the Harry Potter movies and books and Voldemort is the ultimate villain. Harry is a young orphan boy living at first with his uncle and aunt who don’t like him very much. On his eleventh birthday, he learns that he is in fact a wizard and that he will be entering Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry in the Scottish highlands. He also learns that his parents were wizards like him and that they were murdered by Voldemort, a wizard with dark intentions who had set out to rid” the world of all non-pureblood wizards. During his first few years at Hogwarts School, he learns the basics and history of magic, makes close friends and learns more about himself and his family history. But the shadow of Voldemort is never far away. And indeed, thanks to his last faithful followers, Voldemort who was surviving in a degraded form will be able to come back to life in human form and try to resume his “work” where he had left it.


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