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Hermione avec son chaudron (Harry Potter)

Iconic Witch

For this exclusive version of Hermione, Funko has depicted her sitting cross-legged adding the ingredients for the potion to her cauldron. She is wearing her classic Hogwarts uniform: her pleated skirt, high socks, white shirt and small tie in the school colors. Her grey sweater has the sleeves rolled up and in each hand, she holds a vial containing two different colored products. At the level of the head, we find her bangs and her long curly hair from the first movies. Finally, the cauldron is black and a cloud of smoke escapes from it, a little disturbing.


Advanced magic

Hermione is one of the main characters in the Harry Potter saga and one of the best friends of Harry, the famous little orphaned English wizard. In the second year, a new threat hangs over the castle. Salazar Slytherin’s heir seems to be back at Hogwarts and threatens to reopen the Chamber of Secrets, which is supposed to house a terrible monster. Harry is convinced that this heir is Draco Malfoy but has no proof. Hermione suggests a solution: make a potion that will allow them to take the appearance of other Slytherin students so they can ask Draco the question. Once all the elements are gathered, Harry, Ron and Hermione meet in a deserted bathroom so that Hermione can concoct the potion. They each have to add a person’s hair, but unfortunately, what Hermione thought was a hair was actually a cat hair and things don’t turn out the way she planned.


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