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Hogwarts Express with Ron (Harry Potter)

Ron’s first trip on the Hogwarts Express

The Hogwarts Express is the only train that allows wizarding students to travel to Hogwarts School. Funko has represented here one of the passenger cars. We find of course the red, black and gold colors of Hogwarts but the shapes are simpler than for the locomotive sold in pack with Harry Potter. The details are still faithfully represented, whether it is the wheels, the windows or the doors on the side of the wagon. The top is open to welcome Ron’s figure. This time he is represented with his classic clothes and not his wizard uniform. He wears gray pants, brown shoes, a blue sweater and a khaki green jacket. On the face, we can see the little spot of dirt that he has on the side of his nose when the two boys meet Hermione and his famous red hair. Finally, he holds in his hands a chocolate frog as well as his pretty blue and gold box very finely represented.


Ron meets his new friends

Ron is one of the three central characters of the Harry Potter movies and the novels they are adapted from. We follow the adventures of a young English boy who discovers on his eleventh birthday that he is a wizard. He will be taken by Hagrid, a half giant with a big heart, to King’s Cross station to take the train that will take him to Hogwarts school. There he meets Ron Weasley whose mother explains to him how to find the famous platform 9 3/4. Ron will soon become his best friend and a valuable guide in the wizarding world. He is a kind-hearted boy with a very large family who quickly adopts Harry into his family. As the years go by, he will spend less and less time with his aunt and uncle, who adopted him against their will after the death of his parents, and more and more in the Weasley house.


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