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Holiday Minnie (Mickey Mouse)

A festive Minnie

Minnie is represented here in a Mother Christmas outfit matching the figurine of Mickey as Santa Claus. She is wearing a red dress with long sleeves trimmed with white fur. As always, she wears her little yellow heeled shoes but these are trimmed with white fur. On her head, we find a small red hat decorated with holly and placed between her two large black ears. Finally, she holds in her hands a small green book that we can guess is a book of Christmas songs.


A character just as important as Mickey

Minnie is one of the oldest characters in the Disney universe, first appearing on screen at the same time as Mickey in the cartoon Steamboat Willie. It is, like Mickey, an anthropomorphic mouse. She also has a playful character but also a character of independent and liberated young woman. Although Mickey and Minnie are apparently in love, we have never seen them marry or live together and in the many cartoons they share, we have sometimes seen Minnie reject his advances. Like Mickey, she will be present in many films, series or Walt Disney cartoons.


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