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Hypodermic Sally (American Horror Story)

A ghost with a bad look

As a ghost, Sally always wears the same clothes, so there was only one way for Funko to represent her. So we find this purple dress worn with black tights with holes and her golden shoes finely represented. Sally also wears on her shoulders her famous coat with panther skin pattern. At the level of the head, we find this very voluminous haircut typically 80s. Sally being always a drug addict, she is represented with a cigarette in the mouth and her make-up around the eyes would ask to be refreshed!

The Ghost Whore

Sally McKenna is one of the main characters in season 5 of the American Horror Story series. This season takes place in a haunted hotel in Los Angeles built in the 30s by a criminal to make it a torture chamber. This hotel is now home to ghosts, vampires and other creatures. Sally McKenna was a drug addicted prostitute. One day she caused the son of Iris, the receptionist, to overdose. In revenge, the receptionist pushed Sally out the window. Sally then became a ghost and a permanent resident of the hotel.


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