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Holden (American Horror Story)

A child not reassuring

Holden always wears his clothes of small wise child of the Fifties, it is thus that he is represented. We find his little black suit composed of shorts, a jacket and a black sweater that he wears with a white shirt, a tie and black socks. At the level of the head, we find his almost white hair and at the level of the face, his eyes are circled and we can see a worrying spot of blood at the place of his mouth.

The child turned vampire

Holden Lowe is a character in the fifth season of the series American Horror Story. The action takes place in a haunted hotel in Los Angeles. Built in the 1930s as a torture chamber by a criminal, it now houses vampires and ghosts among its permanent residents. Detective Lowe and his wife take a room there at the beginning of the season. Holden is their son. During a trip to the beach, he is kidnapped by Elizabeth, the vampire, who turns him into a vampire as well. He will then keep forever the look of a child


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