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Tattler Twins (American Horror Story)

A two-headed figure

The body of the two sisters is represented with one of the stage outfits we see them wearing in the series: a long green dress tightened at the waist by a fabric belt. For the two heads of the characters, Funko has represented them slightly glued to each other so that they can still fit into the small body of the pop figures. We can see their identical square cut as well as the different colored headbands they wear each other.

Siamese Sisters

The Tattler twins are characters from season 4 of the American Horror Story series set in the 1950s and following the life of one of the last American freak shows. Bette and Dot are Siamese twins, they have only one body and share except their head and thus their personality. They are recruited by Elsa Mars after killing their abusive mother.


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