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Twisty (American Horror Story)

A terrifying clown

Funko knew well how to represent the disturbing aspect of this character. As far as the clothes are concerned, it’s a classic clown outfit but particularly dirty. On the head, we can see the strange mask he wears on the bottom of his face to hide the fact that he lost his lower jaw when he tried to kill himself. And on his skull, we find the bloody scalp that he wears like a cap as well as the three hair puffs. Finally he holds in his hand his colored baton.

The serial killer clown

Twisty is a character from the fourth season of the American Horror Story series. In this season, we follow the life of an American freak show in the 1950s. Twisty is a clown who used to work there but was disliked by his colleagues because he is retarded. After they managed to get him banned, he could no longer practice his trade. He then became violent and started to kidnap people to make little shows and then often kill them.


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