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Mr March (American Horror Story)

A charming looking killer

James March usually looks like a gentleman of the 30’s but underneath his charming looks, he had actually built this hotel to hide rooms that would be used for his criminal activities. And so it is with his torture outfit that Funko has represented him. He wears simple black pants and a white shirt but we also find his apron and his gray gloves. At the level of the head, he wears a balaclava hiding part of his face and big protective glasses on the eyes. Finally, he holds in his hands that one guesses filled with poison or some chemical product.

The boss of the hotel

Mr. March is one of the main characters of the fifth season of the series American Horror Story. This one takes place in a haunted hotel in Los Angeles built by Mr. March in the 30s to be a torture chamber. Among the regular residents, we find a vampire or a ghost of a prostitute. The story will focus on the detective John Lowe and his wife who will take a room in the hotel without knowing what is there and that they are pursued by a serial killer. Mr. March commits suicide so that he can stay in his hotel forever.


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