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Elsa Mars et Ma Petite (American Horror Story)

A strange little couple

As in the series, Elsa Mars wears elegant but very colorful clothes, here it’s a turquoise pantsuit which allows to hide the fact that she has two false legs. At the level of the head, we find her typical 50’s haircut and her turquoise makeup. My little one being of Indian origin, she wears the traditional pink sari that she also wears in the series. Although she is much smaller, the figure is nicely detailed on the face and hair.

The director and her assistant

Elsa Mars is one of the main characters of the fourth season of American Horror Story. This season focuses on the life of one of the last American monster fairs in the 1950s. Elsa Mars is the director of this freak show although her ambition is to become a Hollywood star. Ma Petite is a very small person who is more or less her personal assistant.


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