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Illidan Black (World Of Warcraft)

A demonic appearance

For this exclusive figure, Illidan is represented here in black version, the appearance he adopts during the use of certain spells. His horns and his feet of goat and thus of demon are still there. He wears only a loincloth and bracelets on his wrists. On his chest are drawn green patterns matching the color of his eyes and he holds his weapon with two green blades. Finally, on his back, we find his demon wings folded like a bat.


A legendary character

Illidan is an important character of the Warcraft video game universe and more particularly World Of Warcraft, the online multiplayer game from Blizzard Studios. With his full name Illidan Hurlorage, he was born a Night Elf and was the first demon hunter and self-proclaimed lord of Outland. But he was officially declared a traitor when he joined the Burning Legion even though it was actually to infiltrate it and try to destroy it from within. He was punished and locked up under Mount Hyjal for 10,000 years. He was freed by Tyrande, with whom he was in love, thinking that he could be a good ally against the demons. But before the fight, he absorbed the demonic energies of Guldan’s skull and became a demon himself.


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