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Garona (Warcraft)

A soft-spoken orc

Having a half-orc and half-draenei physique, Garona’s physique is peculiar and unique. Her Draenei attributes seem to be almost non-existent. She has no horn on her head and her feet seem to be rather human. It seems that her Draenei ancestry has just given her a more slender and feminine physique than a classic orc. Indeed, we can see that Garona has a rather thin and feminine body and relatively human except for the fact that her skin is green. Being an assassin, she wears a light leather armor with many metallic details. In her right hand, she carries a beautiful silver sword. On the head, her face is of course green but her cheeks are pink and she has only two small fangs that protrude from her mouth unlike the other orcs. Finally, her partially braided hair is nicely reproduced.


Half-orc half-draene?

Garona is an important character of the movie Warcraft inspired by the universe of the numerous video games Warcraft of Blizzard Entertainment, like Warcraft 1, 2, 3 and World Of Warcraft. We don’t know exactly what her role in the movie is, but Garona is already a well-known character in this universe. She is a spy and an assassin who has the particularity to be half-Orc and half-Draenei. Indeed, it is Gul’dan who ordered one of his orc warriors to rape a draenei woman. As soon as Garona was born, Gul’dan began to control her mind and make her his slave. Later, she met the human mage Mevidh and eventually became attached to him and his lover, which also led her to become close to humans in general. But when she discovered that he had gone mad and opened the door of darkness to the orcs, she decided to warn King Llane and Anduin Lothar. This specific part of her story seems to be one of the main plots of the Warcraft movie.


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