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Orgrim (Warcraft)

A fearsome orc

Like all orcs, Orgrim wears a fairly standard outfit composed of a leather loincloth, a wide belt, thick metal reinforced boots and reinforced gloves. All these elements are very finely reproduced and detailed. We can see that the leather loincloth is lined with wool as well as the numerous bone ornaments, the spikes of his reinforced shoes as well as the wolf skin that he wears on his shoulders. Orgrim’s head is a classic Orc head with fangs coming out of his mouth and thick eyebrows. On the other hand, he is completely bald and has a relatively short beard for an orc. Like Durotan, he is a brown orc and his skin is therefore of a color relatively close to humans. Finally, he holds in his right hand his famous hammer which gave him his nickname of Orgrim Hammer-of-Destination.


Orgrim Hammer-of-Fate

Orgrim is an important character of the Warcraft movie inspired by the Warcraft video game universe and more specifically by the story linked to the MMORPG World Of Warcraft. This movie apparently takes place during the period of the first orc war when the orcs tried to invade Azeroth. He is an important character in the history of the game since he was the warlord of the Horde during the first and second war. In addition, the orc capital D’orgrimmar and the village of Orgrim’s Trepas were named in his honor. During the first war and the invasion of Azeroth, Orgrim was the one who discovered the existence of the Shadow Council and the betrayal of the powerful Gul’dan. He killed all the members of the council. Orgrim is also Durotan’s best friend. If we don’t know their role in the movie yet, we can imagine that the two characters will be linked in one way or another.


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