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Sylvanas metallic (World Of Warcraft)

A Legendary Warrior

For this Blizzard Store exclusive figure, Sylvanas has been represented here in a metal version. The mold is the same as the first version of the character but the paint has been improved and details have been added. She still wears this purple armor showing her belly and arms in a blue color. The armor is decorated with Celtic-inspired motifs that can also be seen on her red hood. The skin of his face is blue and his eyes are red. Her ears are pointed and her hair is white. Finally, she holds a bow in her left arm.


A cursed elf

Sylvanas is one of the most ill-fated characters in the massively multiplayer video game World of Warcraft. She was originally an elf and one of the greatest warriors of the city of Silver Moon. When the terrible Lich King attacked the city hundreds of years ago, she fought as best she could but the city still fell to the king. He took her soul as punishment and kept her by his side as the undead. She still managed to break free from his grip years later, but she no longer belonged among the elves. She then founded her own city, the underground city of Fossoyeuse.


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