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Thrall (World Of Warcraft)

The blue-eyed orc

Thrall is represented here in black combat armor with nice golden details as you can see on some illustrations of the game. In order to respect the very particular physique of the orcs in the game, Funko has deviated a little from the usual shape of the faces of its characters. So first we find this green skin. Then we can see his impressive jaw and his mouth with long fangs. His eyebrow is highlighted to accentuate the fierce aspect of the character and Funko has not forgotten the particularity of the character which is to have blue eyes while all the other orcs have red ones. Finally, Funko has also finely represented her pointed ears and her long shaman braids.


The orc shaman

Thrall is a character from the massively multiplayer online video game World Of Warcraft. He was also a main character in the Warcraft 1, 2 and 3 video games set in the same world as World Of Warcraft. Thrall is an orc who was raised by humans. Indeed, following the murder of his father when he was still a baby, he was abandoned in the forest. He is then found by Blackmoore who decides to adopt him to later make him a gladiator, then the leader of an army. After losing his first fight in years, he is beaten by Blackmoore’s soldiers and decides to run away. He joins his parents’ clan and learns the traditions of his people. Although he is an orc, he will have to ally himself with humans and night elves to fight the terrible Burning Legion.


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