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Murloc violet (World Of Warcraft)

A metallic murloc

For this new version of this funny character, Funko has represented him in a purple version, which means that it’s not the basic murloc that you find in the lower levels. And he is also covered with a metallic paint. So we find this compact body in a kind of ball with spines on the top and a face that takes almost all the space on his body. He has two big legs with three toes at the end, as well as two arms with hands with three fingers.


A strange creature

Murlocs are one of the most common creatures found in the online video game World Of Warcraft. They are amphibious creatures that are usually found on the banks of rivers or on beaches. They are always hostile and will always attack if you get close to them. They can be found from the lowest levels of the game to quite high levels. Murlocs are especially famous for World Of Warcraft players because of their funny cry that sounds like a sort of cackle.


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