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Murloc (World Of Warcraft)

One of many murlocs

This figure doesn’t represent a specific murloc but one of many. Indeed, apart from a few exceptions, we rarely know the name of the murlocs and they rarely differentiate themselves from the others of their group. Funko chose to represent one of them with a mainly green color. We can see this body composed of a big ball to which are attached some kind of short legs and two arms. On the sides of his head, we find some kind of green and red fins and on his back, Funko has of course represented his famous red spines. Finally, Funko added some blue touches on his face and legs.


Funny creatures

Murlocs are strange amphibious creatures found in the massively multiplayer video game World Of Warcraft. In this heroic fantasy game, two factions, the Alliance and the Horde, made up of five races each, have always opposed each other. As comfortable in the water as on land, the murlocs are creatures that can be found along the sides or on the banks of lakes and rivers. They are always hostile to both Horde and Alliance characters. They are, however, fairly low level and will not attack characters above a certain level. Murlocs are recognizable by their curved stance, the spines on their backs and their ever-present bright colors. Murlocs are also famous for their characteristic screams. Although they don’t seem to be very intelligent, they do have a certain amount of intelligence since some of them are organized in villages.


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